Response to a Chair

This live composition/performance piece was created for The Re…Show, a Contemporary Art Exhibition curated by Rekha Sameer, 2011

A short compositional study was created live, by recording and manipulating the sounds of musical instruments and the ambient noise of the gallery environment. The composition was site-specific and created in response to a chair chosen from the Out of the Dark collection and selected for its sweeping, rhythmic forms. The idea addressed the exposure of the composition process and from a more personal aspect, addressed a level of vulnerability experienced during the exposure of the artist’s methods and ideas (as opposed to simply the exposure of the results or ‘product’.)

The work was, by nature, an experiment- a practical investigation of the crossovers and blurring between musical and visual composition, composition and performance, and process and product. The output was a hybrid: part music theatre, part performance art and part compositional sketch.

reshow 1