Walking the Road

Walking the Road’ is a community art project put together by artists Georgina Manning and Nicola Hutchison. Working with students from Stukeley Meadows School, members of the public, and young people from Circuit (a group led by Wysing Arts Centre at Hinchingbrooke School), the artists have put on walks around Huntingdon collecting sights and sounds as the A14 passes through the town before the flyover is removed.



Considering the A14’s huge importance to Huntingdon and the impact the changes to its layout may have on the town, the artists wanted to record and capture the bridge as it is now, as living history.



These explorations have been worked up into an installation incorporating participants’ prints, drawings, and a soundscape composed from field recordings.


closeup of prints 1 closeup of prints 2 closeup of prints 3

The installation will be on show at All Saints Church, Huntingdon, throughout July 2019.

Installation view rear

The project was put together in partnership with the Huntingdonshire History Festival and funded by the A14 community fund.

‘I have really enjoyed delivering this project and sharing my creative practice with others who live in the town. I hope it has nurtured participants creativity and allowed people to think of their surroundings in new ways’ – Georgina Manning


Many thanks to all the groups, participants and venues involved.