Untitled (Lest We Forget)

Installation headphonesLest we forget installation

This work was created for Lest We Forget, a show by artist Joanne Dennis at The Gibberd Gallery. The exhibition featured woven poppies by Dennis and drawings by William Liley.

To capture the universal nature of remembrance, the work explores the sound palette of a group of human voices. The six pitches used are derived directly from the harmonic series, limiting the listenersā€™ need to associate what they hear with the cultural specificity of familiar chords and scales.

The arrangement of a set of unique permutations within the same form reflects the field of poppies: each follows with mathematical precision the same pattern of six petals or segments, yet each is unique. TheĀ fundamental nature of the soundscape creates an immersive, contemplative space for listeners to explore their own relationships with memory and remembrance.

Visitors to the exhibition were invited to don wireless headsets and move freely among the other works in the space.


With thanks to the Harlow U3A Choir, Joanne Dennis and all at The Gibberd Gallery. Photos – Hannah Lee.


This sonic work was part of an installation and is not complete without the other artists’ work which it was composed to complement. Provided for reference only, to be experienced on headphones.